Notes on an insurance journey

26 de September de 2023

Our insurance sector has passed by major transformations. In 2003, we had a new Civil Code, with new controversies created. We were there, helping to build legislation, in a first, still timid, wave of liberalization. Personal insurance has advanced a lot, insurance against damage so much, including by way of government reinsurance.

‘Internal controls’ were enacted in legislation in 2004, as well as risk-based supervision, risk-based capital and the strengthening of corporate governance, as well as the use of accounting and actuarial auditing, among others. That was also part of our challenge.

The reinsurance market opening came later. We helped elaborate Complementary Law no. 126/2007, which made possible a smooth transition, albeit slower or faster than ideal, depending on one’s taste. Soon after, by the time regulations were published, we were already ‘on the other side of the counter’, helping reinsurers in public hearings. Then, with an open reinsurance market and a modernized Country, our regulatory ills did not resist, and legislation separating large and group risks was published.

We are happy to be helping customers to ride this wave. Furthermore, in a post-pandemic world full of new risks, technology makes innovation a matter of survival. Looking to the past, at a glance, and to the future, with conviction, it is an honor to deserve the recognition of people who, we know, did not vote for us only out of kindness. However, the greatest success is being part of an exceptional team, with which I share this Insurance Corp award.

This is so that, together, we continue to seek, more and more, to be as good as we can be. Thank you all!


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