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COVID-19 – The Case for Covering Uncovered Events in Personal Insurance

22 de September de 2023

COVID-19 is one of the most challenging events for humanity, its welfare and protection systems since we began writing history. The lack of paradigms and […]

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Lei 14.620/2023 and Loan Contracts of EFPC

22 de September de 2023

On July 14, 2023, Law No. 14,620 came into effect, which, among other matters, amended the Code of Civil Procedure, including in Article 784, paragraph […]

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Brazilian Insurers Rocked By Susep’s Muddled Sanctions Ruling

11 de September de 2019

In July 2019, the Brazilian insurance regulator, SUSEP, issued an update on the embargoes and sanctions clauses of Brazilian insurance contracts which has caused a […]

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TJMG dismisses the application of the CDC and asserts that the intervention of the Judiciary in contractual autonomy can be harmful to the market

27 de September de 2023

Excessive intervention by the State through the Judiciary in the freedom to contract and in the negotiating autonomy of the contracting parties can be harmful […]

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Notes on an insurance journey

26 de September de 2023

Our insurance sector has passed by major transformations. In 2003, we had a new Civil Code, with new controversies created. We were there, helping to […]

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Traditional private pension plans can veto sporadic contributions

22 de September de 2023

Due to the risk of contractual imbalance, the 2nd Civil Chamber of the Espírito Santo Court of Justice validated the impossibility of a participant in […]

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