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22 de September de 2023

The world, Brazil and our insurance sector have undergone major transformations, which remind us that each new day is a fresh start. In 2003, we had a new Civil Code.

We built the legislation, in a ¬ first wave, still timid, of liberalization. Personal Insurance advanced a lot, Damage P&C not so much, also because reinsurance was controlled by the State. “Internal controls” arrived in 2004, as did risk-based oversight, risk-based capital, and strengthening corporate governance and the use of accounting and actuarial auditing. e reinsurance openness came with Complementary Law No. 126/2007.

Much later, open reinsurance, we overcome the brief and ill- -fated existence of the market reserve and the virtual ban on intragroup operations.

More recently, came the legislation segregating large and mass risks. Furthermore, technology has made innovation a matter of survival, as well as concern for the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda. The challenge at the moment is to discuss and try to reduce the damage that will be caused by the undesired eventual approval of PLC nº 29/2017, helping our clients to adapt clauses, underwriting processes, risk management, regulation and contracting of reinsurance and retrocession.

We’ll be ready.

“Having gone through all this, on several fronts, it is an honor to receive the Insurance Corp award as ‘Personality in the Legal Sector that operates in the Insurance and Reinsurance segment’. However, the greatest symbol of success is being part of an exceptional team of partners and colleagues – and here I honor my partner Ana Paula Costa, with whom I share this recognition, so that together we can continue to serve our clients with excellence”.

“We thank those who indicated us as a reference in the sector. Our commitment is to go further and further, becoming an ever-better team. I am immensely happy”, highlighted João Marcelo dos Santos, partner at Santos Bevilaqua Associados.


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